You have been the best riding instructor I have had. You have helped me gain trust in Starter and I have learned a lot from that. I’m not scared to ride or take control over Starter anymore. At school I tell all my friends about how you’re a great teacher and how you’ve helped me learn how to become a better rider, and I just wanted to thank you for taking time to teach me how to ride and I can’t think of anyone better to teach me. Claire


I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how instrumental you have been in Ashton’s life. Her riding skills have improved so dramatically under your direction! You are such a blessing and I appreciate you so much! I will be passing your name on to other people that are interested in getting the best training available!

Thanks again! Joy

Tiffany has been the most understanding and positive riding instructor I have ever had. She is amazing at understanding each of her students on a personal level in order that she can cater to their individual riding needs and goals. When I started riding with her over a year ago, I wasn’t sure exactly which direction I wanted to go with my lessons, but after discussing it with her, she developed a lesson plan that helped me to improve as a rider and work on training at the same time. Her horses are amazing, Tiffany has a personal relationship with each one, and she knows them inside and out so that she can appropriately match them to each one of her riders. Taking lessons with Tiffany was a great decision, and I feel so much more confident working with horses. She makes it fun, which is exactly how riding should be. Maegan

I have only been at Gold Star Equestrian since October of 2010. Though my experience there has been short, it has been a great and largely due to Tiffany. I am not one of her young student riders, rather a middle aged woman who’s love of riding is only outmatched by her love of horses. I’ve ridden at a handful of barns throughout the DFW area through the years and it’s been a long time since I’ve been with a trainer who isn’t burned out from teaching. Granted, Tiffany is young, but her commitment to her students and her horses belies her age, and her enthusiasm is infectious. I’ve watched Tiffany train her younger students. She is so patient and encouraging, and it’s fun to see when she wins their confidence. As for me, she introduced me to my horse Chance. Tiffany has been a patient and gentle guide for the both of us to get to know each other as horse and rider. I would recommend Gold Star Equestrian to anyone interested in riding, especially with Tiffany as their trainer. I know she has a bright future ahead.

Sincerely, Anne Horwitz

Since I’ve been training with Tiffany, my life has changed for the better. Her positive outlook and wealth of experience for her years has set me on the right track! She knows exactly what to say to me during a lesson, and when to say it and her guidance always works! Tiffany has given me the confidence to jump again. And for that I owe her big-time! Her support and infectious enthusiasm is unlike anyone other! I’m very grateful for Tiffany as my trainer. I never want to be without her! And I can’t wait till my next lesson! Lynne de Velazquez